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What We Do

Jacob "Jake" Brice

This scholarship fund has been created by the Brice Family to honor the memory of our beloved son and brother, Jake Brice. For those of us who knew Jake, our lives are better because of it. For those of you who didn't, let us tell you a little about him:

Jake's life was a series a contradictions…He was a great fighter who never once raised his hands in anger.  Jake was courageous in every battle he fought, even though he never had a true enemy.  Jake was a genius, perhaps not always evidenced by his grades- more for his ability to find a way to stay happy in the face of obstacles that would have crippled most of us.  Jake was tough, yet gentle; Jake was sarcastic, yet kind.   In a dark world, Jake was a shining light.  Jake’s heart was both weak and strong – the weak being the anatomical part; the strong being the part of us that defines who we are and what we become in life. 

The Fund

In June, 2018, seven scholarships from the Jacob Brice Memorial Scholarship Fund were awarded to qualified and deserving students.   Next year the fund will provide even more awards to deserving students who are continuing their higher education, regardless of their chosen field of study.  The students will be chosen from those who have shown great humanity, strength and courage in the face of adversity.


To date, the JBMF has given out 21 Scholarship awards in only five years!  We pledge to continue our mission for the community that Jake loved so much.